Architecture|Reconstruction and renovation of the Altes Schulhaus (Old School), Kübelberg, Germany
General planning

Reconstruction and renovation of the Altes Schulhaus (Old School), Kübelberg, Germany

Project data
Building principal: Municipality of Schönenberg-Kübelberg, Germany
Construction site: Kübelberg, District of Kusel, Rhineland Palatinate
Planning / execution: 2008–2011
Start of reconstruction and renovation: spring 2009
Completion: spring 2011

Structure planning with a building protected as historic monument
On-site support of object planning with regard to statics and construction
Examinations of wood technology
Static assessment

PTI Project management
M. Eng. Andreas Albert

During 2006, the municipality of Schönenberg-Kübelberg had acquired both listed buildings located in Kirchengasse 1 and Kirchengasse 3. These are two buildings characterizing the image of the village that had to be conserved for the next generations with regard to their structure and that had to be re-used for public purposes. In 1705, the construction of the school building in Kirchengasse 3 had been completed. It is the oldest, still existing school building in the district of Kusel. The baroque building with its two floors still has the characteristic segmental arch windows on the ground floor as well as the distinctive entrance with crosses on both sides. Inside the building, still some historic details have been conserved like the doors, floors, the former school desk in the anterior room of the ground floor or a cabinet and a niche. On the first floor, in another classroom, a stencil painting from the 1920ies is found with dark green grounding on which vine leaves and flowers are painted. Parts of the building have been built on rock cellars. Together with the neighboring building in Kirchengasse 1 from about 1738, the barn in the middle wing was used. The horse stable belonged to the school building, whereas the goat shed and the pigsty were part of the residential building.

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