Building technology|New construction of a production plant for Akzo Nobel
General planning

New construction of a production plant for Akzo Nobel

Project data
Building principal: Akzo-Nobel
Construction site: Delfzijl, The Netherlands
Planning: 12/2003 – 04/2006
Start of construction: 11/2004
Commissioning: 06/2006

Object and open space design (§15 LPH 1-9)
Structure planning (§64 LPH 1-6)

PTI Project management
M. Eng. Andreas Albert

The entire construction was established on a field measuring several hectares. A company and social building as well as some production plants, storage buildings, tank farm, workshops, pipe bridges, and a truck docking bay belong to the complex of this production plant including the necessary infrastructure of open and storage spaces, streets as well as over- and underground supply and disposal systems. Overall, about 1,000 driven piles of up to 18 m length, 11,000 m³ of concrete, 2,000 t of steel, about 10,000 m² of facades, and about 2,500 m of pipes were installed consisting of different materials.

The implementation of this project allowed Akzo Nobel GmbH to terminate the rail-based chlorine transportation that was structurally necessary until then. The construction of the production plants for chlorine and monochloroacetic acid (MCA) that included a site relocation from Hengelo, requested investments in the hundred-million Euro range.

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