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As independent planning company, PTI provides a comprehensive portfolio of services in the different fields of construction planning. As specialists in construction, our company stands for path-breaking engineering services since 2000. PTI AG combines architecture and engineering in one office, which leads to excellent results for our international customers due to outstanding engineering knowledge and business management.

The employees of PTI with their exhaustive expertise and their years of experience are the foundation of our company’s success. Our team consists of architects, engineers, designers from most different areas, and administration employees. Its age structure is balanced; and the implementation of newest communication devices and work equipment guarantee flexible and successful working.

Of course, also the manifold requirements in the context of planning and processing of international construction projects are included in our comprehensive portfolio. PTI engages employees with excellent knowledge in English, French as well as Dutch. In addition, Spanish and Chinese speaking external colleagues are available at any time.

PTI’s headquarter is located in the heart of the nature park of the Palatinate Forest in Lemberg near Pirmasens.