PTI AG celebrates its 20th anniversary

Exactly 20 years ago, on December 14, 2000, our company was founded. We feel extremely proud and humble to see what we achieved during these years. We feel extremely proud and humble to see what we achieved during these years.

Our thanks go to our customers who became loyal partners during these years. Their confidence and trust in our abilities is an incentive and motivation for us to commit thoroughly to the solution of the tasks that are assigned to us and to achieve excellent planning results.

Most of all, we want to thank our employees – without them, PTI AG would be nothing. Every second of their work, they return the appreciation and the confidence placed in them. Due to their open-mindedness and friendliness, they acquire and bind customers and contribute substantially to the success of each project.

Looking at it from the outside, PTI AG seems to be a classic engineering company. However, this image is due to the fact that we were able to discover people having specific skills and abilities and to develop them, which makes us really proud.

Of course, as soon as the situation allows we will celebrate our anniversary. Until then, we wish you all the best, Merry Christmas, and a good and successful start into the New Year full of hope.

We start the New Year with the introduction of our new LOGO. After 20 years, we will now be visible on the market with this new sign.

Perhaps you may want to know us better – and we are always worth a try, this is for sure.

Take care!

All the best,

Heinz-Werner Schwarz & Andreas Albert
– Managing board of PTI AG –